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Oh What A World

...woke up this morning at 11:11

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Thanks for stopping by! ♥ I'm sorry to tell you, but you just clicked on a fangirl's journal, so unless you are used to squeeing, sparkling and silly ramblings, I'd suggest you leave again XD If by chance you don't want to do so, that's fine with me, but don't say you haven't been warned.
You may notice the very subtle Hitsugaya Tôshirô Fangirling here, combined with light HiRan shipping. Because 10th Division is ♥
I'm a student which means I'm lazy as hell. Currently 24, mental age of 5. I love Japan. I adore Japan. JAPAN. I think this sums me up quite well ^_^
I like making new friends, I don't bite! So feel free to drop me a comment in my LJ, so I can add you ♥ I'd like it if we have some stuff in common though =)
I don't like wank and bashing, so stay away with this kind of stuff ò.ó
like a bowl of oranges
Some of my other fandoms - besides Bleach - include: Avatar ♠ Heroes ♠ Rufus Wainwright ♠ Fullmetal Alchemist ♠ Burimyu ♠ Nagayama Takashi ♠ One Piece ♠ seaQuest ♠ Mushishi ♠ xxxHolic ♠ Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ♠ Naruto ♠ The Legend of Zelda ♠ Ingrid Michaelson ♠ Nana ♠ Nodame Cantabile ♠ Ouran Host Club ♠ D. Gray Man .

「俺達は 花火のようだ
昇り、輝き そして
消えることなく 輝いていよう 

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